Holts History

Established in 1860

KTH Holts offer unrivalled experience in the Heat Treatment industry having successfully satisfied customers challenging requests for over 150 years.

Established in 1860 KTH Holts (previously Holt Brothers) had a rich history. Starting as engineers and blacksmiths they evolved under Herbert Buckley into heat treaters as the science and technology developed in the early 20th century. The process accelerated with the coming of the Second World War and the huge demand for high performance wear resistant components for local machine tool manufacturers.

In the years that followed Herbert Buckley, succeeded by his daughter (a qualified metallurgist herself) drove the company forward by investing in new technologies. As part of the KTH Engineering Group and as KTH Holts Ltd the company is undergoing another period of rapid renewal and investment.

The modern-day KTH Holts offers unmatched facilities and services. From the most versatile gas carburizing furnaces to specialist bar and shaft straightening services along with expertly created heat treatment processes KTH Holts delivers heat treatment solutions to the aerospace and precision engineering industries.

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