KTH Holts offer excellence, expertise and experience few others can achieve

We pride ourselves on our unique ability to always find a solution to solve our customers requirements no matter how difficult they initially seem.

KTH Holts operate a wide variety of equipment types and sizes providing our customers with an extensive range of processes and services to suit their needs. The facilities we have results in us being able to offer services to a comprehensive pool of diverse customers.

Each and every item that goes through our works receives the same technical consideration for its heat treatment needs and specifications. The optimum treatment is then designed for each customer’s order. We draw on our vast experience and the widest range of capabilities to offer optimum and cost effective solutions always making sure our quality standards are at the forefront of what we do.

The relationships we maintain and develop with our customers are the key to our success and longevity. Being part of the KTH Engineering Group now means we can devise comprehensive solutions for the better service of customers.

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